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Love makes her beautiful

Like most ordinary young people, the United States and the United States long for love, longing for the sun, and longing for all the good things.

After graduating from college, the United States and the United States directly married a boyfriend who had been in love for three years, Chu Lin, and then became a full-time wife, and her daily life, besides buying food, shopping and going to a beauty salon, is to chase and watch comics. .

Because of the lack of exercise, the long-term home is at home, and the beautiful body is like a balloon, and it becomes bloated. The original small waist is now a bucket, and many of the past clothes can’t be worn. It is less than 30 years old, but the temperament and body of the United States and the United States are like the 40-year-old aunt. Of course, Chu Lin also feels that she has become a person who is not as beautiful as she used to be, because she lacks the beauty of her.

The United States and the United States are also very distressed and do not know how to change themselves. The change was in a class reunion, a five-year college graduation party, and even the students in the United States came back. Meimei also saw the girlfriend of the university—Xiao Ling, who developed in Beijing and now has her own company.

At the party, Xiaoling, who was not eye-catching in the class, became the central figure. Xiaoling’s cheongsam was full of ink, and she was wearing high-heeled shoes and holding Fendi handbags, especially the slim figure and The elegant temperament, like the image of just graduated at the age of 20, is even more touching, so the boys are surrounded by the middle, chatting non-stop, and the original class flowers are beautiful, wearing some outdated clothes, stature, except Xiaoling, very few people remember Xiaomei.

Through conversations with Xiaoling, Meimei knew that Xiaoling went to Beijing after graduation and changed a few jobs. Later she became a yoga teacher.

After hard work, Her proud figure, ruddy face, red and white skin, full of youthful and healthy light, attracted the attention of many colleagues, awkward, envious, amazed, many colleagues think that beauty, only Less than 20 years old. From the eyes of colleagues, Chu Lin is also very proud, but also proud of the hard work of the United States and the United States.

After this series of things, Chu Lin decided to give him a surprise on the birthday of Meimei, and sent Meimei a yoga mat made by himself, but Chu Lin’s thoughts and thoughts never knew what kind of shape to print on the mat. Suddenly, my mind came out to practice the beautiful dance steps of yoga, and my thoughts burst forth like a spring. A love around a dancing girl logo will come out. Chu Lin decided to call it “beautiful by her,” because, love, let her become more beautiful, but also to commemorate the change and persistence of beauty and beauty. When people are alive, they must always insist on something to get a new life of change. This is the best love testimony, the best way of life.

The meaning of yoga is to find the rhythm of your own body. Between the breath and the breath, you can experience the tide changes of life, witness your own growth, and harvest good.

We firmly believe that as long as we use our hearts in our lives, we always have a moment of sorrow. With the graceful steps of the years, we will gently sing the door of your life hopes, bring you the ideal wings, as long as you go with your heart If you want to do it, the ideal boat will only come and go.

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