10 rumors of yoga

For us, the charm of yoga is not just the old body of cultivation. More often, it is a kind of wisdom, a word, an expression, even silence. We can always gain strength from such words and continue to move forward. Focus on the present life, grateful for possession at the moment.

Share 10 Wisdom Proverbs:

1. Stretch out higher, it will stabilize you.

2. If you want to get an answer from the universe, open your palm. If you want to get an answer from the heart, put your palms down.

3. Be aware of when you are becoming selfish and replace it with gratitude.

4. I have a bad day, but it doesn’t matter if I have a bad time. You will live better and better by acknowledging and accepting yourself.

5. Do what your body can do, don’t worry about what others are doing on the mat.

6. If something in your life makes you both laborious and unhelpful, thank you silently for the lessons it has given you. Then say, ‘Let the broken thing leave.’

7. Talk to yourself friendly.

8. Imperfection is one of the important rules of the universe, and absolute perfection does not exist. If it is not because of imperfections, you and I will not exist.

9. Sometimes you only need to use the aids to do a difficult action, why? Because sometimes borrowing power is also a kind of wisdom.

10. Stay connected to the earth like a tree. Everything that makes us unsettled will disappear when we are rooted in the earth.

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